More of God's cool Toyz from all around the World.

In Memory of John Reynolds!

Decermber 13, 1953 to August 16, 2003

John Reynolds    John Reynolds car

It's been said that John new Jesus, but didn't know Jesus. Praise God, Pastor Ken and Becky Cowdery spent selfless time to insure he received Jesus before he went home. That's what's God's People Racing Ministries are all about.

John Fields - Fatburger

Engine: 650+ cu in.
Induction: sheet metal tunnel ram, no nitrous
HP: We would tell you, but he might get mad (smile)

John Fields is a man to be admired. We all know who the king of kings is, but we have to call John a king too. Because not only is he an upstanding man, his track record of whipping blown injected dragsters and funny cars and big inch nitrous cars with the same amount of motor speaks for itself. John is known for making outrageous horsepower. His driver Dave Beckley has been putting the power down to the ground at speeds of over 200 mph! without 7 or 800 cubic inches.


All motor, no squeeze, no blower, no turbo. Pure Phatburger!! We love Fatburger for helping him be a blessing to the sport of dragracing.


John Starting up the grill                                                         and Beckley cooking the meats.

What a team. We love it. God Bless you all.

"Cowboy" Mark Pawuk and team­mate Greg Anderson

Since the beginning of American history, we all have known that cowboys are cool. But when they love the Lord, that automatically qualifies them as way cool. Mark and Greg are so blessed to have the awesome backing of Summit Racing to support their contribution to the world of drag racing. It's amazing what good hands you'll fall in when you're a believer. Twin cars, two believers, an awesome team.


         Mark and his cool toy.                                                  195 mph+ horsepower laughing!

Johnny Lawson with Lucas Oil Racing

Natalie and Lisa under the hood      The Lucas car

Everybody knows that this is one of the baddest funny cars of today, reaching speeds of over 250 mph on a slow day with bad track or weather conditions. And we firmly believe that nobody is an atheist at these speeds. Thank God the team has their own in­house prayer partner ­ Lisa, standing next to Natalie, to keep them safe and in line.

Brian Self's Pro­Stock Chevy Truck

front of the truck      Brian's Truck

We see lots of semi's on the freeways as we tour, "trucking for the Lord", but Brian Self decides he'll truck for the Lord with 7 seconds and better quarter mile passes with his awesome small block Chevy pro stock truck. This is the baddest little Chevy truck and Brian has the coolest crew. We got to meet a bunch of them. People like this help make the world go round in peace, and we appreciate the joy they bring. You guys drive on.

Brad's favorite toy

     Blower motor

468 cubic inches, BDS 8­71 Blower, twin 750's and an awesome every day driver! No wonder it's his favorite toy. It would be mine too. Can you immagine cruising this baby to work every day? Well, Brad does. We wish you could see all the sweet details in this truck, including the most awesome exhaust system that sounds super crispy (well it should, he owns a muffler shop) and hearing that whine of that blower just brings joy to our ears. Keep on making a joyous noise. We love it, Brad.

Valspar Pro Stock Racing Team


We hear the whole team are believers. What a driving force that can be. You need that driving force when you're trying to do 200 mph within a quarter mile. Check out this beautiful Pontiac Grand Am. Too bad they won't let us see under the hood, but we still got much love for you guys. Keep it safe, and God Bless you all!

Steve Klein's 930 Turbo Porsche


This is one car you can't call a Volkswagen. If you ever get to go for a ride in this monster, you'll find out that not only will it slamm you into the doors in the corners, it'll nail you in the seat so hard accelerating, you'll swear it's a drag car. When the turbo comes on around 4200 rpm, IT'S ON, with about 450 ponies of go power.



DJ   Tony   Ryan   Darrick



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