God Almighty, the Lord Jesus and the forever helping Holy Spirit. Sherman Wilcox - founder of GPR concept,
Hugh and Hazel Baxstrum, Leon Baxstrum, Vernar and Maxine Callum, Guy Baxstrum Sr., Vernar Sr. Callum,
Curtis Maddox,  Brent Myers, Francisco and Jamie Gastelum, Lee and Roney Anderson, US Army, Wiley E.
Buttler,  Natalie Wright, Darrick Wright, Heinz Knoke, Gisela Knoke,  Tony Marino, Michael Halstead, Jim
Maher, Todd Weaver, Tim Butcher, Dave Carter, George Shilalah, Chuck Fisher, Alex (Chevy Only),  Harry
Khodanian, John Fields, Jim Brock, Willis Johns, Dale Ishimara, Bill Cremo, Craig (BDS), Jack and Mark and
Doug Engels, Easy Lou and John, Joe Bradey Sr. and Joe Jr., Barry Fullman, John C. Schuller, Frank Lin, Rick
and Jason and Mason, Big Bo and Bill,  Mike (PAW), Rocky (CDW), Brother Tyrone Demery, little Sammy
Donner, Kelly Bollinger, Gear-man Bill, Al Clark, Bob Lambeck, Ron Cook, Nelson Vells, Big George, Sgt.
Wayne Trellogen, Joe French,  Richard Mark, Steve Pate, Rodney Bohanan, Brad Lagman, Dennis and Richard
and Scott Miller, Ryan and Greg Young, Pastors Mel and Desiree Ayers, Rev. Ken and Becky Cowdery,  Perry
Kokerhan, Barney Stevens, Bill Grafeman, Jim Escamallia, Big Willy Robinson, Dr. C. Frank Pulliam and many
many many more.

From Pastor DJ Wright
A mandatory special thanks to  God for all his people who have
made it possible!
Paul and Jan Crouch, Matthew Crouch, Paul Crouch Jr, Karen Wheaton, Candice Staton, Billy Davis Jr. and
Marilyn Mc Coo, Billy Graham, Kathrine Kuhlman, Oral Roberts, Dwight Thompson, Pat Boone, Laverne
Tripp, Ken and Gloria Copeland, Dr. Cherry, Jack Van Impe Ministry, Pastor E.V. Hill, Lester Summeral, Nancy
Harmon, Creflo Dollar, Pat Robinson, Juanita Bynum, Mark Cherona, Casey Treat, The Melody Mountain
Family, Big John (Power team), Mike Purky,  Jeff Fenholt, Del Ray, Donny McClurken, Fred Price, Andre
Crouch, Jack Hayford, Rod Parsley, Jerry Savelle, Jesse Duplantis, Joyce Meyers, Marilyn Hickey, Dwight
English, Carman, T.D. Jakes, Paula White, Steve Brock, Miles Monroe, Benny Hinn, Jim Reeve, John Hagee,
Efrem Zimbalist Jr.,  Clarence McClendon, Clifton Davis, Greg Laurie, Perry Stone, Joel Osteen, Joseph Prince
and many many more.

From Pastor DJ Wright
There aren't enough words in the dictionary to describe how much of a blessing the following
people have been to me and still are to this ministry. Their blessings have been beyond
measure and understanding.
Infinite praise to God for the mentoring from TBN -  
Trinity Broadcasting Network and Partners!
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