Team Updates!
Loving Embrace Community Outreach,  October 24, 2009
A V Auto Clinic, Apple Valley, CA
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What a phenomenal blessed day this was.   In the center between Ken and I is John from A V Auto Clinic.  John
decided that he wanted to have a huge autumn festival, so he incorporated the help of Ken and I and what a
phenomenal day and blessed day it was.  I believe we'll just let the pictures do the explaining.  Six awesome bands
and a rotation of cars and bikes all day long.
Our heavenly Father blessed us all day with every style of worship and praise music from youngsters to us beloved
seasoned veterans.  I'd like to give a special thanks to the following bands for emanating God's awesome anointing
all day long:  
Studio JC, Soul Kry, TAG, Jessica Wright, Rick Raymond, and Rainshaddow Native America.  All
day long, they laid out the Spirit of Jesus for us.
Before 12 noon, we ran out of spaces for the cars participating in the car show, so John was nice enough to close
down most of his shop as a business day so we could make more room for the cars and there still wasn't enough
room.  So we double parked them.  Praise God there were two other car shows going on here in the Victor Valley, so
some left and made room for more.   From the location of the pictures, as you can see, a serious rotation of cars,
cars and cars and quite a few hot bikes.  Our beloved neighbors from nearby shops and businesses were
complaining because all of their parking spaces were being taken up by spectators enjoying the outreach.  What a
blessed day it was.
The day went so smooth and the help was plentiful.  Pastors and Ministers here in the VIP section were willing to
help and donate their services.  Yet God was so in control, their services were not even needed so we all just kicked
back, listened to great music and soaked up the anointing.   
Our brother Joseph was blessing the kids and adults with Indian face painting.  Massive amounts of raffle contest
gifts were being given away all through out the day.

The hottest bike & car awards were honored to the following people below, as well as the meanest sounding hot rod
from the cackle fest contest award being given.  It was said that DJ's Camaro was louder than all the other cars
running together at the same time, but being a promoter he's not allowed to enter the contest.  He just wanted to
bless us with a taste of God's thunder. And earthshaking thunder it was.  What a joyous noise.  Please forgive us,
any neighbors, if we offended you.
A special thanks to our Lord and Christ Jesus for a blessed and beautiful and wonderful day, big John and his crew
and food staff from AV Auto Clinic, Becky Cowdery, Natalie Wright, Karen Gamboa, Debbie Raymond, Cindy Rogers
for helping Ken, John and I (DJ) make this a great day.  All glory and praise to the most high God and his Son Jesus.